New Clients

The process for becoming a new client is not too complicated.  You should first call our message phone at 661-330-7498 & Maureen will call back to schedule your first appointment.  She will ask a few questions regarding your demographic & insurance information so an authorizaiton can be processed.  At that point you will be given a date and time for the first session which should take about one hour.  You may either fill out the necessary paperwork online (Maureen will explain this process over the phone) or you can print out the forms from  the "Helpful Forms" section of this website and mail them to 9530 Hageman Road, Suite B  /  PMB 108, Bakersfield, CA 93312.  The basic forms are either an Adult Initial Questionnaire, the HIPAA form, the Demographic form and the Therapy Contract. Just print out, complete and sign forms as instructed and bring into your first session.  It is that simple.

I need to inform you that I am reserving a full hour of my time for you on that first session, so to avoid a late cancelation fee of $35 or a no show fee of $60 please give a full 24 hours advance notification if you need to change the appointment or simply decide not to come.


There may be periods of time where I am not taking new clients.  You will have to check my voicemail (661-330-7498 ) to see if I am taking new clients or not.